One of my favorite things about Phoenix Fashion Week is that there are three accessory designers who show their collections as well as the lifestyle, evening, and couture clothing designers. Beltshazzar Jewels owner and designer Theresa Wangia showed her collection in 2015 Phoenix Week. Her jewelry is so unique and stood out to me immediately at the Shop Garment District event in 2015. I was fortunate enough to pair her pieces at a shoot in Hawaii last year. The first look is pairing her necklace with a white Express sweater and cut-off shorts that I made from a pair of pants from the juniors section at Macy’s. The second look is a blue and white plaid dress from ARAE. It has a high neckline, a pickup on the side and a low back. It’s perfect for summer weather.

Beltshazzar has been busy with fashion shows, photo shoots and creating new collections. If you’re interested in learning more about Beltshazzar and you’re in the midwest, they are often featured in pop-up shops, markets and trunk shows in Missouri and Chicago. Follow their Facebook page for more information (link below.) If you’re not in the midwest area, check out their website and Instagram page to purchase (link below.)

I reached out to Theresa recently to see what her and Beltshazzar have been up to. Here are her answers…

TFK: Since you were in PHXFW 2015, what have you been keeping busy with? 
Beltshazzar: Since PHXFW 2015 I have been keeping busy! I have been very involved in the St. Louis Fashion scene and keeping up with lots of shows in Chicago! I have branched my line and am now being sold in a boutique in London and several major fashion cities. I recently got a chance to attend New York Fashion Week as Fern Mallis’ guest and even got to consult with her one afternoon in her office! She has showed my brand so much love and said that she wears my jewelry almost every day! She set up an appointment for me to meet with and they curated several pieces. I am working on getting my storefront up and running as we speak. Lots ahead for Beltshazzar Jewels!

TFK: Where are your items sold? 
Beltshazzar: We are sold online, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles and most recently London. We are in the process of getting our profile up on which is super exciting!

TFK: What was the most valuable lesson that you learned from PHXFW that has really paid off this year?
Beltshazzar: The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from PHXFW is to step out of your comfort zone and make things happen! Just do it!

TFK: Since being in PHXFW have you noticed if doors have opened for you that maybe wouldn’t have without the knowledge, connections, exposure that you gained from PHXFW?
Beltshazzar: Since being in PHXFW I have noticed lots of things fall into place and the timing was perfect! I’d say participate in PHXFW’s designer bootcamp to prepare yourself for the unknown. They offer so many business nuts and bolts. From branding to press releases and so much more! You just have to apply yourself!

TFK: What is new for you and your collection since last year and/or what’s to come for this year?
Beltshazzar: What’s new for us is our latest Voyager Collection! We just recently debuted our latest collection on the runway right here in St. Louis! I had a blast and through it made some pretty amazing connections! I was just informed via email that Western Art & Architecture Magazine will feature 3 necklaces in their Aug/Sept issue! Right now I am off to Kenya and will be doing a photoshoot as well as sourcing materials, getting inspiration and spending time with family! Stay tuned!

Beltshazzar: Below are photos of latest Voyager 2017 Collection…
Photos by Inti St. Clair photography

Info below about the spray tan shown in these photos…

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Other Details…

Rianon Stephens Photography | Oahu, Hawaii Photographer | Website | Instagram

ARAE | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Beltshazzar Jewels| Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location | Waimanalo Bay

Spray Tan | Arizona Airbrush Studio

Be you, bravely.

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    By the way, your new site looks incredible. Great Job!


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