Shirt and pants were gifted from NYDJ. All opinions are my own. 

Labor Day typically marks the end of the summer for most places. In the retail world, the summer clearance is almost all gone and fall wardrobe is displayed front and center. This year I noticed Halloween displays were already up before August had ended. In Arizona, we typically have at least a couple months left of warm weather in the 90’s or higher. It seems my shorts and sandals can truly be worn year round. If you live in a warm climate place, take a look at this Labor Day inspired outfit and check out my picks at the end of the post.

Red, white and blue is such a classic color combo. It really goes well with anything! Light denim, dark denim, white denim and I’ve even been known to wear a distressed light green denim with it too. The best thing about this top from NYDJ is that it is so light weight and flowy. The cold shoulder is a fun feature from the typical long sleeve blouse. The shorts I paired it with are from Blank NYC and they are called the “wedge” short. They have a high waist and are cut super short for those of you comfortable with showing a little leg. My Sam Edelman tan sandals are the perfect warm weather staple to match anything. I found them at Nordstrom Rack about a month ago. I love the ankle support, the straps between the toes and around the foot. I need more support than the normal person and these don’t disappoint. I’m excited for fall wardrobe, but will be sad to give these shorts and sandals a break. Good thing the shirt works all year round! What article of clothing are you most sad to take a break from for the fall? Comment below!



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