Arizona this time of year is excruciatingly hot, like ‘fry an egg on the sidewalk’ hot. Except this year it’s not only hot, but really really muggy from the monsoon storms. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to take a cold shower, then lay under a fan naked and never leave your cold dark room. Well, it would make for a really long summer if that’s all you do! I actually have the perfect wardrobe solution to all of your Arizona summer problems and that is to take advantage of the body suit trend, the off the shoulders (OTS) trend and the see-through trend.

I have to be honest, the see-through trend isn’t for everyone. Anyone can do it, but not everyone feels comfortable wearing it. I totally get it! We see celebrities like the Kardashian sisters wearing lingerie and layering with see-through fabrics, but how does that translate to us common folk? The number one thing to make sure is that you’re not exposing any part of your body that would get you arrested! It’s definitely a fashion forward look and at the end of the day you need to take into consideration the venue, restaurant or event that you’re going to. For example, I would wear this outfit to a fashion show, a garden brunch and an eclectic downtown restaurant or bar. I would not wear it to a traditional steak house, work or church. I have to say that the light crepe fabric felt like a built in air conditioner. It was so breezy and comfortable. I forgot immediately that my legs were exposed all the way up to my thighs. 

To finish off this super romantic look, I decided to wear minimal jewelry, but jewelry that stood out all on its own. Again, the heat will affect my decisions for layering necklaces or wearing big dangle earrings. The rings I’m wearing with my engagement band and wedding band are from Robbins Brothers. I’ve actually added additional wedding bands to my Tacori set in order to add some color and sparkle. The clutch is a vintage piece from my Grandmother as well as her dainty emerald earrings. Lastly, I choose my nude pumps to give the illusion of elongating my legs and to match the red in my skirt. 

What are your thoughts of this fashion-forward look? Do you currently rock the see-through trend or will you be giving it a try? If so, how do you think you’ll pair your outfit? Leave a comment below! 

Be You, Bravely. The Foxy Kat


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