IMG_4025In case you’re not exactly sure what all “soft goods” entails, it is anything that is made from soft fabrics like t-shirts, headbands, dish towels, etc. These amazing people in the soft goods category seem to all stand for a much greater cause and are contributing to a larger purpose through their individual passions. I had some great conversations with these folks about what they’re doing in the world to make it a better place for everyone. Thank you all for your contributions!


Emily Weber is the Head OM’ie on a Mission and created the organization Feels Like OM. Her mission in the world is to unite the comfort found at home and on the yoga mat, while also putting an end to homelessness. Not only does she sell the cutest apparel and merchandise (I got a t-shirt that has an open back and can transform into a halter top, more on that later!), but also she has taken her passions to use them to make a difference in the world. She has original signs, mugs, blankets and so much more available for sale. The piece of furniture behind her in the photo below was also available for purchase.

IMG_4005IMG_4007I received an adorable headband from The Zen Bird (#zenbirdband) and had the pleasure of meeting Marian the founder. Marian has designed and created many of these Zen Bird Bands with multiple fabric combinations. Mine, which you may have seen in last weeks post, has a floral side and a zigzag striped side. She’s created these bands to be worn four different ways, and to remind us of the power of our own thoughts and to choose the good ones. She also hosts women empowerment workshops to inspire and educate women of all ages to find an authentic life and confidence (self) that is genuine. I love the positivity and light that Marian radiates. Sometimes you need that reminder of creating a life that feels good, whatever that might be for you!

IMG_3973IMG_3972Circles of Change is another group that was at the market and I received the “Beautifully Flawed” t-shirt from their booth. This group is changing the conversation from bashing our bodies to celebrating them. If you’re interested in joining the movement and becoming a warrior for change, please visit their website. They also host events like the celebration of Love Your Body Day at Webster Farm in Gilbert, AZ last month. I love my t-shirt and will wear it proudly!IMG_3991The last item is a dishtowel with one of my favorite quotes, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” By Virginia Woolf. This item is from Free Range Apparel. They are the makers of whimsical and sometimes quirky apparel. One item that I had my eye on is their Llama-ste wooden poster. And yes, it’s a llama in multiple yoga poses. What else would it be?IMG_4023

Be you, bravely.

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