For most of my adult life I had a swimsuit type. I preferred a triangle top and tie bottoms or something that was very similar. The main reason I stuck to this style was because it was the best for tan lines. I was always so concerned with getting a tan that I would stay away from anything that was unique or different. Now as I’m older and more concerned about sun exposure to my skin, I don’t have to care as much about unique shapes, cutouts, and different types of styles. For example, this top has a fun and different back and neck piece that I never would have tried in my earlier days. Now, I’m all about switching it up and trying out something different. 

The neck gives off a choker necklace vibe, but it’s a swimsuit material that’s attached by a piece of fabric in the back with a velcro closure. It makes me feel like I’m wearing accessories to the pool when I’m not!

I found this top on Instagram from @BodyZoneSwim and purchased it a size too small. It’s a small, but fits more like an extra small. Unfortunately the neck is a little tight on me and the top is a little tight around. It took me wearing it in this photo shoot to figure out that it’s a little too tight, so now I can’t return it. I could simply donate it or take it to a local consignment store, but instead I decided to put it up for sale on my Poshmark store because I recently found out that swimsuits are an approved item to list for sale! I also have a pair of bottoms that look similar to the ones here, but they’re also a little too small and from BodyZone Swim, I’ve never even tired them on! I’ve listed so many other swimsuits too that happen to be my best sellers on Poshmark.

Have you ever purchased a bunch of swimsuits either in the same style, but different colors or in different styles in the same color hoping that one will work. But then you realize that you either hate the color, all of the sizes are just too small or too big, or you realized that you accidentally bought two of the same exact one, etc. Poshmark is the perfect place to sell those swimsuits because people are on their looking for a good deal and there’s no sense in keeping something just so it can collect dust. 

All of the swimsuits I wear are (unfortunately for me) never been worn, but fortunately for you they’re priced super low because I’m just trying to get rid of them since I know I won’t ever wear them. Most bottoms I haven’t even tried on because it’s easy for me to compare to the bottoms that I own and wear already. Anywho, take a look at my Poshmark closet – you may be surprised by what you find in there!

Photography: Auric Photography,
Makeup: Erica Mendoza,
Hair: Lauren Wohlin, @l.a.dub; S & L Trends, @sandltrends.
Location: Royal Palms Resort & Spa,
Swimsuit Top: BodyZone Swim, @bodyzoneswim.

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