For the past couple of months, I’ve really been loving the color red. Any shade of red, pink, or purple was always a favorite of mine growing up. When I dyed my hair a white blonde color about eight years ago, I stopped wearing as much red. Now that my hair is a darker brown, I feel like I can get away with a deeper red color again.

This dress from Tobi is the perfect Arizona spring dress. I love the crochet/lace fabric, see through back and deep V neckline. Usually I wouldn’t wear something that is so short and such a deep V, but having cap sleeves and a covered back helps to balance out the bare skin in this look. To purchase the Brisbane Lace Skater Dress for your own wardrobe, click here. Check out their Instagram and hashtag for style inspiration, @ShopTobi & #ShopTobi. I also love the contrast of the white leather purse from Rebecca Minkoff. It lightens up the look for spring / summer and has rose gold accents that go perfectly with the jewelry.

I love shooting with Kate Nelle Photography because she takes the whole aesthetic under consideration when finding a shoot location and framing the photo. A month before this shoot, we shot in this same location, but there was a wedding taking place in the main area. We were still able to shoot around the greenery on the outskirts without disturbing the wedding. I just love how Kate framed me within the bamboo and palm tree leaves. The deep green color is the perfect contrast again the red/wine dress. Also, I totally felt like I was in a different state or a different country than Phoenix, Arizona. 

JEWELRY // // @KendraScott  MAKEUP // June Pearl Beauty // @junepearlbeauty  For this look, I was channelling my inner glam. I knew I wanted to style this look around this stunning necklace. The rose gold warmed up the cool-toned dress and adds some sparkle to the look. My hair naturally pulls reddish/strawberry, so the rose gold makeup and nude lips were the perfect compliment.  I love these angel winged earrings and all of the “frosting,” as Matthew McConaughey says in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, that is covering the necklace, earrings and bracelet.

One of my favorite tricks for elongating your legs is wearing nude heels. Try to find something that is close to your skin color for the trick to work. Having the extra heel height and the flesh colored shoes creates the illusion that your legs are that much longer.  The shoes are nude, lace up, stacked heels from Target.



The Foxy Kat Discount // @gossamersalon


Kate Nelle Photography // @katenelle_photography

A little secret, I haven’t dyed my hair since October. It naturally lightened up and Lauren from Gossamer Salon let me borrow her halo that has blonde tips.



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