Where did this year go?! I can’t believe Christmas has already passed and now we’re on to celebrating the New Year. Before we completely leave 2017 in our rear view, let’s take a moment to put some thought into our New Years Eve looks. If I’m being completely honest with myself, it’s probably been a few years since I’ve gone all out for NYE. I used to look forward to the holiday and plan out my outfit weeks, maybe a month in advance. It was always such a over the top product of a night on the town. Then, I started to get complacent in celebrating with my man at home over a box of pizza and the Dark Knight Trilogy. Even though I don’t have plans yet, it is still fun to dream about a NYE look for the evening.

Some of my necessities for NYE are:

1. Sparkle

2. No-Fuss Hair Style

3. My favorite bottle of booze

When I think about ringing in the New Year, I think about all of the glitz and glamour! For example, this floor length gown in head to toe sequins is perfect for a fancy New Years Eve ball. It would also be great for a gala this spring. I love the slit in the front and large keyhole at the chest. It adds the perfect amount of skin in a classy way. With the long train in the back and the high neckline, you are still covered. Also, the back has an open V, which is the perfect excuse to wear your hair in a no-fuss bun. 

Lauren created a rope bun as an alternative to the basic top-knot. The best part about this hairstyle is that when it’s done, you don’t have to worry about anything. New Year’s Eve is always one of the longest nights out, so having your hair out of your face and free from losing it’s curl is a necessity in my book.

Lastly, for NYE, no matter what you choose to do, make sure you have your drink of choice. If you’re at a house party, a table at a club, or staying in for the night, you want to make sure you’re covered. There’s nothing worse than getting to a friend’s place or kicking off your shoes for the night and realizing that you don’t have what you want to drink. Even if it’s alcohol-free, it’ll be a long and sometimes expensive night drinking something that you don’t even like. For me, I tend to stick to the same type of drink so that I don’t risk getting sick the next day. Prisoner is my favorite red wine and I’ve found that it doesn’t leave me as hung over as drinking other types of wines. Sometimes I find that sticking to a nicer brand of vodka results in a hang-over free New Years day. Who wants to start 2018 sick in bed?! Not me! 

Regardless of what you choose to do, I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve!

Be You, Bravely. 
The Foxy Kat


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