For a free week of workouts at BODI, click here and select the $35 1-week trial. Use THEFOXYKAT as the promo code in order to workout for free. Let me know if you need a workout buddy – I’d love to join you!

Happy Motivation Monday! Today I’m talking about being motivated and finding your motivation within your workouts. On TFK blog, I’ve discussed personal motivators like what drives you to create your health and fitness goals, but today I’m not going to be going so deep. It’s important to have goals to remind yourself of why you’re eating healthy or following a fitness routine in the first place, but it’s just as important to be motivated while you are working out.

Some people don’t enjoy working out because it’s challenging and your body is feeling a certain way that might not be as enjoyable as doing literally anything else. If this is you, you should consider changing up your routine to something that you enjoy so that you don’t focus on those feelings. I’ve always gravitated towards workouts that I enjoy, like hiking outdoors, or cycling to great music, but the big part of why I enjoy those exercises is because of the company I’m with or enjoy the gorgeous Arizona weather or having great jams to keep me going. At BODI, I am motivated by the actual workouts during the class and by the instructors. 

In the images above, you’ll see me riding the bike with the owner of BODI Nikki Metzger. Whether it’s a photo shoot (like in the images above) or a workout, Nikki is always having a great time and it’s super motivating for me to do the same. There’s a science behind how she creates workouts and it’s so you see the best results, but she also makes sure that you receive proper rest and have fun while you do it. BODI might not be the workout that you love, but if you’re not loving your current workout, try something new until you find the one that motivates you!

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Disclaimer: I am in no way a fitness expert, everything on TFK blog and specifically this blog post is written in my own opinion. If you are not sure if you should perform an exercise, please consult a physician. 

Be you, bravely.

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  1. I had a complete blast taking this class- and was SO sore the next day! I worked muscles I never knew I had! Such an incredible class, I can’t wait to go back! PS you look GREAT!!

  2. I loved going to BODI! Both the strength and sweat classes were killer! I felt so accomplished after I had finished!

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