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I have seen photos and videos of CrossFit workouts on social media for more than half a decade now. Something that pops up every once in a while is a giant tire, among other things that involve lifting really heavy weights. I’ve always been terrified of these workouts because of these photos and videos. In my head, I tell myself that there is no way I could possibly do those types of things – physically or mentally. To this day I still haven’t tried a CrossFit workout (even though now I’m not so scared anymore), but I have found out that workouts involving a giant tire really aren’t scary – I promise!

When I first discovered BODI, I was working out across the street at StudioMIXX. StudioMIXX is a combination of cardio, barre, high reps of light weights, kickboxing, etc. I really had no experience with HIIT exercises at that point. About two years later, I joined ClassPass and had the opportunity to try BODI as part of my package. When I first walked in and saw the giant tire I thought, “Oh no, what did I do? This is not the exercise that I’m looking for!” I quickly found out that the exercises done at BODI can be modified for every BODY no matter your strength level, athletic ability, injuries, gender or age. I also found out that there are an infinite number of activities and workouts that you can do with that giant tire.

The tire exercises below are showing a side plank hold using the tire to elevate your feet and also a partner exercise where you push the tire back and forth. Both are great for your core! You can do any variation of a plank hold using the tire for that extra lift or you can do jumps onto the tire when it’s on it’s side or heel taps for some extra cardio. At BODI, they have a weight that looks like a mallet and on your knees you kneel with your side to the tire and swing the weighted mallet into the side of the tire. This is a killer core workout! These are just a few of the creative ways to use exercise equipment to spice up your workout and keep your muscles working without feeling stagnant.

Cross training between HIIT exercises like BODI, barre exercises, heated or non heated yoga, cycling and hiking is how I keep my muscles working and my brain from getting bored. If you love the exercises you’re doing then that is awesome – stick with it! However, if you’re bored or you’re not seeing the results that you want – try something new. Don’t be scared of what you might see on social media. You never know what you can accomplish if you try and you never know if you might fall in love with something new.

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Disclaimer: I am in no way a fitness expert, everything on TFK blog and specifically this blog post is written in my own opinion. If you are not sure if you should perform an exercise, please consult a physician. 

Be you, bravely.

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  1. I’m afraid of those types of exercises but after reading this writing I want to try it!

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