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After a fun celebratory weekend with my husband, it’s time to get ready for a healthy and productive week. I started by writing out my meals for the week. That way I know how to grocery shop and prepare my meals so that I never get into a situation where I have to buy a quick and easy lunch or dinner during the week. We both know that when that happens, it’s so hard to find something healthy. Next, I scheduled my workouts for the week in my iPhone calendar. That way I know I have a spot in my workout classes everyday this week and I’ve scheduled a variety of workouts so that I’m not overworking certain muscle groups.

For today’s workout of the day (WOD), I’m talking about a couple different exercises that you can do with exercise ropes. I’ve found that these ropes are called Battle Ropes, Battling Ropes, and Heavy Ropes. The idea behind them is that they’re heavier than a normal rope so that it gives you a great strength and cardio workout. The rope is a couple inches in thickness, depending on how heavy you want it, and it’s about 50 feet long so that you can loop it around a pole. At BODI, they have several of these ropes available to be used during specific circuit workouts that they pre-plan for you. Not everyday will they incorporate the ropes, but when they do I’ve found that there are a lot of variations of workouts so that you never get bored of always doing the same thing. 

In the top two photos, I’m photographed with BODI Owner Nikki Metzger (read about Nikki here in a previous blog post) and we are doing Rope Slams. In the first photo you’ll see that we are pulling both ropes up over our heads together at the same time, and slamming both ropes down to hit the ground. With the weight of the ropes you can feel this exercise in your shoulders and in your legs because you are in a squat position as you slam the rope down. You can also slam the rope down side to side to work a variety of muscle groups as well.

The bottom two photos are of me doing rope waves. The ropes are moved one at a time up and down to create a wave with the ropes. This again is a great workout for your arms and for your legs since you’re holding a squat. 

I do not have a photo of this, but in last Saturday’s class at BODI, we did rope jumping jacks. You lift the ropes over your head in a jumping jack motion and swing the ropes and legs down as you close the jumping jack. I definitely felt this in my shoulders and in my lungs. It was a great strength and cardiovascular exercise.

There are a ton of things that you can do with these exercise ropes. Be sure to check out this article from Daily Burn for more ideas, this article from Men’s Health, and finally this one from Shape

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Disclaimer: I am in no way a fitness expert, everything on TFK blog and specifically this blog post is written in my own opinion. If you are not sure if you should perform an exercise, please consult a physician. 

Be you, bravely.

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  1. Truthfully I have a love hate relationship with the Battle Ropes! I love them because if i’m mad I can get all my anger out using them, but I hate them because they are hard to do especially when you have to squat down low! Haha! Also, your arms look amazing!

  2. Awesome! I’d love to join you again some time. This looks like quite the workout. I’ve never worked with an exercise rope but I’m so ready!

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