001Since I was a little girl I’ve always had a sharp memory when it comes to remembering dates, life events and of course outfits. My girl friends know to ask me when they need help remembering a story and I’ll usually start re-telling the events by saying “it was the night you wore…”. It’s weird, I know. Just to add to my weirdness, tomorrow (11/16/14) is the day that my husband, Aaron, proposed to me two years ago and in exactly a month (12/16/14) it will mark the date that Aaron took me on our first date three years ago. It might not sound like a lot of time that we’ve spent together, but it was time that we added to our Fox family with our very first fur-baby.

Simon Fox turns four months on 11/17/14 and he’s been in our family for just over a month. He has already taught me so much and it seems like Aaron and I have taught him a lot too. We’ve had a lot of firsts. First walk, first vet visit, first bath, first full night in his kennel, first road trip, first puppy play date, first Halloween and first emergency vet visit. The last one was not so fun. It’s amazing how fast he’s growing. In just 6 weeks he’s already doubled his weight from when we first scooped him up and took him away from his mom and sister.

If you’re thinking about making an addition to your family, I highly recommend that you do your research. Think about what type of breed you’re interested in and look for characteristics that match your families personality. If you want a friend to run and hike with, then it sounds like you’d be a great match with an active breed. Don’t forget that they will need to be active almost every day. Remember this if you need to keep them crated during the day. Or if you have young children make sure that you know the dog’s history with kids.

If you follow my blog, you’ve noticed that I prefer to mainly write about fashion or beauty. This post obviously isn’t about either. Life Moments are very important and I’ll be sharing more of those with you. For now enjoy some amazing puppy pics taken by the talented photographer, Nissania Trujillo at nissaniatrujillo.com. These photos really capture the true monster and angel that Simon is. <3

Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.

The Foxy Kat

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