A couple weeks ago I joined my blogger girls in a great event hosted by Melissa Moore at Bobbie’s Flowers & Marketplace in Tempe, Arizona. We had a hands on tutorial and actually learned the science behind creating a floral arrangement, which is something that I’ve always wanted to learn! It was so fun for me to challenge myself creatively in an area that is new to me and alongside my friends. I’ve never been the type to pick up fresh flowers for myself and when I have to purchase them for an event, I have no clue where to begin. Thankfully this tutorial provided me with the basic tools that I need to be able to do it myself at home, which is perfect timing because in a couple weeks I’ll be hosting my sister-in-law’s bridal shower at my house! 

The tutorial was broken out into easy to learn steps, which I will share with you below. 

Step #1: Grab your bunch of flowers and sort them into smaller piles. The large flowers, the smaller flowers, the filler and the greenery. 

Step #2: Fill your vase with the greenery first. Hold it up alongside the vase so that you measure it to the edge of the table. It is always best to cut your flowers so that they are longer. That way you don’t cut them too short. Besides, you can always cut them shorter. Watch video here.

Step #3: Next, add in your large flowers. These will take up a lot of space. If you add your smaller flower first, then you won’t have any room for the larger flowers. Watch video here and here.

Step #4: Now you’re ready to add in your smaller flowers. Add these into the empty spaces in your bouquet. You can cut these into smaller bunches depending on the look you’re going for. Watch video here.

Step #5: Add in your focal flowers, which are the flowers that stand out from the bunch and are slightly taller than the rest. Watch video here.

Step #6: Final step is to add in filler around the edges, similar to how you added the greenery. Since the bouquet is getting tighter, more full and harder to add flowers, make sure you push the stem along the outside of the vase and push it through at an angle to the bottom. This will help to be able to add everything you want. Watch video here.

To see videos of these steps, please go to my YouTube channel here. To watch a basic tutorial of how to arrange smaller floral arrangements, click here.

I am so happy with my wildflower arrangement! It was so neat to see how everyone’s arrangements were completely different from each others. My favorite flower that I included was purple kale – how cool that I could include that in my bunch! The best thing about Bobbie’s Flowers is that they now offer a floral subscription service so that you can get fresh flowers delivered to you on a regular basis! You can choose how large you want your arrangement.

Bobbie’s Flowers + Marketplace
5801 S McClintock Tempe, AZ 85283



  1. Marisol Avila Reply

    SO pretty! Your top was perfect for that day too. My post had so many pretty photos to choose from I could not pick. I loved learning all about this right?!?!?

    • Kat Reply

      Thank you so much! The bridal shower went really well 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for a well written blog with gorgeous photos and video! Love that you link it all to YouTube! We appreciate you being at our event!

    • Kat Reply

      I’m so glad you like the videos! I had to record it because I knew I would forget as soon as I left! Thank you for having me at your event.

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