It’s been over two years since I first introduced Skinapeel Beauty and owner Kimberly to TFK readers. Click here to read the blog post. Since then she has introduced me to proper skincare including the best products and treatments for my skin and lifestyle. A constant theme within the beauty section of TFK blog is microcurrent and monthly facials. Many of you know that I’ve been doing these treatments regularly since early February (more details at the bottom of the post.) Since being blown away from these treatments, I haven’t had a chance to fill you in on the other part of my skincare regime that really is essential to long term skin health.

Monthly treatments go hand-in-hand with proper skincare products. Two years ago, Kimberly introduced me to Rhonda Allison  natural skincare solutions. Read the blog post here. I loved the products, but didn’t keep up with them and ended up using random samples I would receive from my IPSY bag. I was constantly battling breakouts and couldn’t get on a regular routine since each sample product focused on something different. At the end of 2016, I decided to recommit to my skincare and I made sure that Kimberly was right there along side of me. 

I’m the type of person who hates spending money on anything other than my wardrobe. I try to get the best deal on makeup and I used to go for the cheapest skincare options, until I realized that my skin was suffering. Rhonda Allison’s price points are more expensive than drug store brands, but not as expensive as high-end department store brands. I love that Kimberly tests all products on herself first and truly understands what each ingredient does so that she can perfectly match it to my skincare needs. In order to budget my skincare purchases, I allow myself to buy one or two items a month based on if I am running out of something, or if there is a current need. I’m not buying things just to buy them, but I’m being conscious of the environment, seasons and current status of my skin.

NOTE: Beta Green Tea Cleanser, Growth Factor Gel, eZinc Protection Cream are three items I use every day and twice a day (except for eZinc which I use in the AM only) and I will not be discussing them here since I’ve discussed them in my blog post here.

The great thing about Rhonda Allison products is how long they last. This small container of Eye Lift lasted me about five months. I recently ran out and will probably invest in a larger size since I love it and can’t live without it. I originally purchased smaller travel sizes because it helped to keep the cost down when I was purchasing the essentials. 

Now that I’m in my early 30’s I’ve been noticing more wrinkles around my eyes. I always wear my sunglasses and eZinc, which has SPF in it, so hopefully those two items are helping. The great thing about Eye Lift is that I can actually feel the smoothing and tightening the more I use it. It is so hydrating, but still light and fast absorbing, that I don’t have to wait forever before putting on my next face creams. I’ve been noticing a difference in the skin around my eyes too. 

Moisture Au Lait is my PM go to for a night time moisturizer. It is the last thing I put on before bed because it is a thicker cream than the rest, but surprisingly very light and fast absorbing. I love it because I have sensitive and combination skin and that’s exactly who it’s made for. It does not have SPF, so if you use it during the day be sure to add SPF.

Cucumber Spritz was something that Kimberly gave me to use on my flights to and from Europe. I was very concerned with my skin drying on the flights and also wanted something to refresh my skin during our excursions. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to come home and wash my face after a long day of traveling and before going to dinner that night. The Cucumber Spritz worked wonders on the flights and during my travels. It gave me an all over feeling of hydration, moisture and freshness. I didn’t realize at the time that this is the same product that Kimberly sprays on my face after each facial, which always feels incredible.

Mandelic Arginine Serum and Blemish Serum have changed my life! Like clockwork, I get monthly breakouts based on my cycle. It’s one of the worst things about being a women and my face does not let me forget it. The Blemish Serum allows me to spot treat the breakouts and depending on how bad the breakout is, it often times clears up over night or after a couple days. I also use this in my mornings and under my makeup. 

Mandelic Arginine Serum was something that I was always nervous to try since I have very sensitive skin. Kimberly kept saying that this product would help with cell turnover and thus would allow for more effective results regarding those pesky monthly breakouts. I started using it every two days, then every other day and after a couple months I’m not using it every day, but only at nights. It’s the first product I use and it makes the biggest difference to my skin in keeping my face look young, firm, and acne free. 

Be You, Bravely. The Foxy Kat

For more information on Kimberly and her services, please check out her website. If you live outside of Arizona and cannot physically go to her salon, you’ll be happy to know that she has clients all over the US and provides over the phone consultations.

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    • Kat Reply

      Yes, the Cucumber Spritz is a life saver on flights or in Arizona heat 🙂

  1. Hello! I was just recommended the Rhonda Allison products by my dermatologist so I’m trying to research the brand from people who really use it. Do you still use their products?


    • Kat Reply

      Hi Kat! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment. Yes, I do use Rhonda Allison products still. My skin priorities have changed slightly as I found out that I have celiac disease since I wrote this blog post. Some of Rhonda Allison products have gluten in the ingredients, so I now only use their gluten free products. I also love Skin Scripts, which has gluten free options and is locally made in Arizona (where I live!) If you have any specific questions, feel free to reply here, email me at or DM me at @thefoxykat1 on Instagram. Have a great day!

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