Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend the Pearce Family Foundation (PFF) Runway of Hope fashion show. You may remember me talking about it here and here. I realized that I failed to talk about the amazing #glamsquad who made me feel like a million bucks that night. Below are photos with PFF Founder and CEO Meghan Pearce, and Natasha Duran-Lynch, designer/owner of Hues of Ego and 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week winner wearing her own design, of course! It seemed that floral, pastels, light colors and prints were the trends of the evening. IMG_4633 IMG_4650 5M7A5679 The amazing Jay Wesley Olson had recently dyed my hair from a long overdue dirty blonde balayage to the dark chestnut color that you see below. I wanted something different then wearing my hair down, which I typically do 99% of the time, but I wanted to show off the color as well. The Gossamer Salon in Old Town created such a fun style. I love the half-up top knot look. Being able to keep some of my hair down and curled, helps me to feel the most comfortable, but by pulling some pieces up and away from my face makes me feel fancy. It’s like doing an updo with out actually having to do an updo. And anything with a braid is amazing in my book! Plus, I was able to learn how to do this on my own and have worn my hair like this several times since. The girls at Gossamer Salon went above and beyond to give me the full treatment! I always feel like I’m just one of the girls every time I go. They helped me to decide between two dresses, earnings or necklace, and even went as far as flat ironing the wrinkles out of my dress for me. A++ Gossamer Salon! IMG_4630My make-up was just as great of an experience. Being March 2016, I knew that I wanted to play around with spring colors, but it wasn’t until I walked into The Sparkle Bar and saw Charity to know that I wanted the exact same make-up as her. She did such a great job in emulating something similar to what she was wearing, but punching it up a little to be red carpet ready for a fashion show. I usually feel that I need thick black eyeliner to feel my best, but she proved me wrong with barely there eyeliner. She kept the focus on my turquoise eyes, strong brows and coral lips. The best part is that I didn’t know what dress I was wearing and somehow it worked perfectly with the dress I chose.

Other details and information… My outfit and look details: Dress – H&M | Make-up – The Sparkle Bar | Hair – Gossamer Salon |

Be you, bravely. The Foxy Kat

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