I am extremely excited to finally share my transformation with you all since my last beauty post in January. I’ve documented my progress for the past couple of months and I can’t believe I’m actually posting up-close and personal photos of my face sans make-up…gasp! But, I think it’s really important for everyone to see the differences in my skin since my first experience with Kimberly at Skinapeel Beauty compared to how radiant it is now.

Please Note: I am not a skincare expert, nor am I endorsed by Rhonda Allison products. I am merely a skincare enthusiast who happens to be sharing my skincare regimen that Kimberly assessed for my skin. Everyone’s skin is different, which means Kimberly would most likely have a completely different plan for you. However, the structure of how often and when you use the products would probably be similar. Now that I’ve cleared that up let’s continue!

Week 1 Photos:

My Skincare Problems:

Typically I tend to break out around my nose, the center and sides of my chin (by my mouth) and occasionally in other random places like my eyebrows or my cheeks. In week one you can definitely see these breakouts along with a zit in the middle of my cheek. Since I was having occasional breakouts (that could be pinpointed to once a month), I would go to a dermatologist. I love my derm! She is so cute, fashionable, nice, funny, etc. I felt like we were friends (because I saw her so often) that I trusted everything she was telling me. It wasn’t until after a couple years of going on and off antibiotics, using extremely abrasive topical ointments that practically melted my skin (Aczone and Retin-A), testing a weird smelling medical body wash, (you name it – I’ve tried it) and spending how ever much money later on 5 minute appointments and medicines that I realized the root of my problem… As soon as she told me to stop using the ointments or quit the antibiotics my skin would go back to the way it was and this is what kept me going back to her.

Week 2 Photos:

Kimberly helped me realize that I need to re-balance my skin. My face was in dire need of hydration after using these medicines, Cetaphil face washes and lotions that dry out the problem area along with the rest of your face. I noticed that without hydration my skin felt and looked like wrinkles were multiplying! Ahh! With the products that Kimberly put me on, I was able to hydrate my skin properly without creating additional oils that would cause breakouts.

Week 3 Photos

Getting into week three I really started to see some changes. Kimberly shared with me that cell turnover happens every month, so you typically start to see changes within 4 weeks. Another key point that she shared with me is that since she was helping me to repair my dry skin and the areas on my face where I may have popped a pimple, the products that she recommended for me actually are reparative and help heal these areas of my skin, which is something I didn’t even know that I needed!

Week 4 Photos

Since I can only speak from my experiences and since I am not a skincare expert (like I previously stated), I would like to invite Kimberly to answer some questions that you all might have about skincare in general. Please share any questions you have for our skincare guru by commenting on this blog post, commenting on Instagram or Facebook, Tweeting @thefoxykat1 or emailing me at Kimberly will start answering your questions on as a guest blogger on Skincare Saturdays!! I am so excited for her to share her wealth of knowledge with everyone!

Week 5 Photos

Here is a list of the Rhonda Allison products I am using:

Beta Green Tea Cleanser, which is a Antioxidant Salicylic Wash. I start my routine by using a pea size drop of this to wash my face morning and night. This is an all purpose foamy wash that cleanses and freshens the skin, while reducing surface oils, bacteria and sensitivity (my skin is super sensitive).

Growth Factor Gel is a Matte Finish Rejuvenator that speeds up cell renewal and supports the strength and integrity of your skin. I put this on my face after I wash it morning and night. I was really skeptical about using a “gel” on my face, but actually it doesn’t feel like how you think a gel would. I imagined my face feeling like there is a sticky film over it. Instead it provides deep hydration without feeling oily.

Hydra Complex is used only once a week and only at night after the Growth Factor Gel. This (I believe) is what helps to repair my skin. It makes me feel like I’ve just been to the spa for a facial and I love the smell!

eZinc Protection Cream is the last step of my process (morning and night) and it is a Face & Body Mineral Emulsion. The enhanced formula in this product is light rather than a heavy cream, which is why I love it! The fast absorbing base contains a powerhouse of antioxidants to help control free radical damage, leaving the skin hydrated and protected.

For more information on Kimberly and her services, please check out her website. If you live outside of Arizona and cannot physically go to her salon, you’ll be happy to know that she has clients all over the US and provides over the phone consultations.

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Be You, Bravely.

The Foxy Kat


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  1. Are you still using these? Would you or do you really use the eZinc at night too? I thought that was a spf?

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Taylor! I’m sorry for the delay in my response. Yes, I still use these. Actually, I’ll be writing another blog post about them because I’ve been using them for over a month and started getting monthly facials and my skin is so much better! The difference is having an esthetician who understand the product and how it works best with your skin type so that they can guide you. I do not use eZinc at night because it has an SPF, but a year ago I was because I didn’t want to purchase another moisturized for nighttime. Now, I have a specific daytime moisturizer (eZinc) and a nighttime one, which in the end will save me money because I’m purchasing product specific for a need and using them correctly.

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