IMG_4569In the past I’ve always enjoyed a good shopping day and a hunt for the perfect dress, earrings, purse, etc. Ask my mom, she’s been a part of these wild goose chases where I have the perfect pair of shoes in my mind. Many times I don’t find what I want and I have to settle for something close (if only I could make them myself.) However, it has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world when I actually (and finally) find what I was looking.

IMG_4535This year for the GoDaddy Holiday party, I knew what I wanted to wear, but I was bored with my jewelry and uninspired with some of the items I had been seeing when I was out shopping. Plus, this holiday season kept me pretty busy, so I didn’t have as much free time to shop. I’ve heard a lot about Rocksbox from my friends and I always thought it took away from the thrill of the hunt. When Rocksbox reached out to me and invited me to join, I figured what’s to loose and maybe they’ll surprise me with something different. Well, that feeling I mentioned earlier, is actually the same feeling I got when I saw my Rocksbox package in the mail.

IMG_4542I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my Rocksbox package and found Abba earrings in crystal by Loren Hope, an Anastasia necklace by Perry Street, and the Defined Deco Angled Cuff in white by House of Harlow 1960. The items looked great together and worked perfectly with the look that I was going for. I decided to not wear the necklace as it would fight with the earrings, but I was happy to of had choices. The best part about Rocksbox is that you’re able to test out various designer jewelry without having to pay full price for the item, especially in this case because I don’t have many opportunities to wear this fancy of jewelry and the next holiday party or wedding that I attend I’ll probably want something new that matches perfectly with that outfit. Also, some times purchasing jewelry can be tricky; after wearing it only once you realize that it’s not actually something you love and this way you’re not stuck with it. If you can’t live without something there is the opportunity to keep the pieces too. I have always wanted to buy a piece of House of Harlow 1960 jewelry, but the prices can be a little steep. Thankfully, Rocksbox offers special discounts through their jewelry partnerships so that as a Rocksbox member you don’t have to pay full price. For signing up, I had a $10 credit that goes towards any jewelry you want to keep. Instead of paying $63 plus tax for the angled cuff, I only paid $40 total. Another pro is that I love learning about new jewelry designers and styles. I’m obsessed with the Loren Hope earrings that I wore, so I’ll definitely keep them in mind if I care to make a purchase in the future.

IMG_4546 IMG_4580After wearing my jewelry for the party that weekend, I sent it back with their pre-paid shipping label and have received two other Rocksbox packages since. Leaving feedback is the most important thing you can do to ensure that you’re receiving what you want. You can create a wishlist and a style profile to make it easier for the Rocksbox stylists. If you don’t like something, you can mail it back the next day and the stylists get to work immediately on curating another box. I haven’t reached the end of my first month yet and have already been through 9 pieces of jewelry.

If you’re interested in testing it out for one month free, sign up for Rocksbox using my referral code here: TheFoxyKatXOXO

Be You, Bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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