Last week, I introduced B3 All In, which is the Barre3 fitness and nutrition challenge for the first month of the New Year. The challenge is to work out at least five times a week at Barre3 and participate in their healthy eating and nutrition plans as well. (For more information, please click here.) Now that it’s been another week into the program and we only have a week left, I figured I’d check-in to see how everyone is doing! Comment below if you are also participating in B3 All In or another fitness challenge similar to this one.

Last week was the first full week that I had participated in the challenge, since I started after the first week of the month. I started the week strong, going to the 6am Barre3 class Monday through Wednesday. However, Wednesday night our 13 week old puppy did not want to go to sleep. I stayed up till almost midnight with him. I knew that I needed at least 8 hours of sleep, so I canceled my 6am class on Thursday morning and slept in till 7:30am. I already had plans that night, so I wasn’t able to work out after work. Friday I got back at it and Saturday I went to BODI, which is another fitness studio that I love. (I made plans with my husband and his friends a while back to all go to BODI together so that they could finally try it after hearing about it from me.) At the end of the week, I didn’t complete five Barre3 exercises, but I did exercise five days out of the week. I haven’t been successful with the Barre3 challenge yet, but I do feel good about exercising consistently and listening to my body when it needs rest.

Even if you haven’t joined the challenge yet, it’s not too late to start! Like I mentioned in last week’s blog post, it’s free to join. You will need to pay for the classes you take, but you gain support from Barre3 to make sure that you meet your goal of five workouts a week!

One of my favorite things about Barre3 is that you know what to expect with the overall class layout, however the movements that you’re doing is different in each class. The exercises really focus on a specific muscle group and target the area with lighter weights, but more reps. You can see in the images above that the class also uses bands to work your back muscles and triceps, and also your legs too. Typically during a Barre3 move, you are working one muscle group while another is also being worked. For example, in the move above we are focusing on our back muscles, but since we’re bending at the knees and on our tip toes we are also engaging the leg muscles.

If you’ve done a Barre3 workout before, what is your favorite move or exercise? In a previous post I break down the Barre3 Burpee, which is probably still my favorite move (read more here.) If you haven’t done a Barre3 class before and you don’t have one near you (check locations here), you can always take a class online to see if you like it (click here.) I’ve done barre exercises at about four different local studios and each studio was completely different from the next. If you’ve tried barre and you don’t think it’s for you, you might be pleasantly surprised once you try Barre3. Let me know your thoughts about barre workouts below in the comments!

Last but not least, how cute are these leggings from Lucy Activewear? I love the mountain graphic and how it’s asymmetrical from leg to leg. They’re no longer available online, but I tagged additional items from Lucy below.

Free Class at Barre3 North Scottsdale or Paradise Valley in Arizona

For a free workout at Barre3, you must be a first-time client. Click here for Paradise Valley, or here for North Scottsdale. About halfway down on the page, click on “Special Deal” where it says “New to Barre3? We have a special deal just for you!” It will take you to the MindBody website and then you will need to select the Package – Single Class for $23. When you check out, use THEFOXYKAT as the promo code in order to receive the class for free. Let me know if you need a workout buddy – I’d love to join you! If you have any issues with the promo code, please comment below and/or email me at I hope to see you at Barre3 soon! 

Be you, bravely.

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